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Vinyl vs. iTunes: The future of musical integrity

Last year, as the decline of CD sales began to pull out of a nosedive and iTunes raked in roughly $6 billion in profits, an unlikely dark horse saw a 37 percent increase… Continue reading

Don Draper’s Wild West Show

I’m hooked on Mad Men. I’d watched the show on and off in the past, but delved in about two months ago and have been trying to figure out why people love the… Continue reading

The Electronic New Age Acid Test

Last week in Austin, TX, I sat down for coffee and brunch with Amir Bar-Lev, director of the documentary Re:Generation Music. The documentary follows five DJs–Skrillex, Pretty Lights, Mark Ronson, Crystal Method and… Continue reading

The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday

I have a confession to make. After watching Midnight In Paris last week I realized it was the first Woody Allen movie I’d ever seen (unless you count Antz). I’ve never watched Annie… Continue reading

Occupy Oakland Athletics

I’ll admit it, I’m part of the one percent: I didn’t love Moneyball. The film (for those of you who haven’t seen it) is ultimately a contrived feel-good story about a team that… Continue reading

Critical politicking and the plague of Mitt Romney

While the name Alex Ross may be foreign to most, in my field of study, he is a rock star. Before he was 30, The New Yorker brought him onboard as their music… Continue reading