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A eulogy for an ’03 Jetta

  This afternoon, after nearly seven years driving an 03 Volkswagen Jetta, I bought a new car. That Jetta was my first real car. I got it in 2006 when I was probably… Continue reading

I Can’t Dance

It’s true: I cannot dance. It’s an embarrassing confession for someone whose career (and social life) revolves around music. Most of my life is dedicated to listening to, viewing and voicing an opinion… Continue reading

My opinion on 6 bad opinions

As is common at times like these, the Internet has become a breeding ground for impulsive opinions on a very serious subject: gun control. I’ve held my tongue (for the most part) over… Continue reading

Why Bad News is Good News

My grandfather, C. Alan Baker, passed away Monday morning at 81 years old. For 34 years, Al worked as news director of Brown Newspapers and editor of The Messenger, Baldwinsville’s weekly newspaper. In… Continue reading

Facebookers Anonymous

My name is Chris, and I’m addicted to Facebook. It’s been eight days since my last login. Until this time last year, I was just a recreational user: an update here, a photo… Continue reading

The most American thing in America

It’s Sunday morning and I am not at church. I’m sitting on the second story porch of a re-imagined colonial inn overlooking Chautauqua Lake. The narrow streets of The Institution are empty. From… Continue reading