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Review: “Regions of Light and Sound of God” by Jim James

It’s hard for someone as dynamic as Jim James to distinguish himself from a band whose sound is so inextricably linked to his talents. Every bourbon-fueled track by the guitarist/singer/songwriter’s band My Morning… Continue reading

I Can’t Dance

It’s true: I cannot dance. It’s an embarrassing confession for someone whose career (and social life) revolves around music. Most of my life is dedicated to listening to, viewing and voicing an opinion… Continue reading

Syracuse University: Worst. Crowd. Ever.

I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my day. More than the average person. In fact, more than the above average person. I’ve seen shows from Bob Dylan to Skrillex to the… Continue reading

Meet Lucy Stone

It’s 11:30 on a Tuesday morning and I’m driving on I-81S through Pennsylvania when Lucy Stone hangs up on me. Or so I think. My first question for the 20-year-old musician had been… Continue reading

Vinyl vs. iTunes: The future of musical integrity

Last year, as the decline of CD sales began to pull out of a nosedive and iTunes raked in roughly $6 billion in profits, an unlikely dark horse saw a 37 percent increase… Continue reading

The realities of rock journalism

For my last semester in the Goldring Arts Journalism program at Newhouse I’m required to write a paper on a particular journalist in my field (music). I chose Neil Strauss, for reasons outlined… Continue reading