Fear and Loathing at SXSW

God Bless AmericaLast night I saw Bobcat Goldthwait’s latest film, God Bless America. In short, it’s about a terminally ill man who starts killing people who really deserve to die: American Idol judges, people who talk during movies, reality TV stars, etc. This morning, I sat down with Bobcat in the lobby of the Driskill Hotel in Austin to pick his brain about the film and his thoughts on humanity in general.

The whole interview will be available tomorrow on FilmGeekRadio.com, but in the meantime, Bobcat’s hatred of all things ridiculous has inspired me to begin compiling my own list. After all, there’s a little narcissism inside all of us. It’s the reason Hunter S. Thompson and David Foster Wallace were able to fill books with their entertaining rants. And it’s better to blow off steam on a blog than blow off people’s heads in a movie theater.

My SXSW peeves list:

1. People who tease me for having a Droid instead of an iPhone (usually tech nerds)

2. People who call getting a drink together “networking”

3. People who text or tweet while we’re having a conversation

4. People who say “hashtag” in actual conversation

5. People who litter

6. People who say “Gesundheit”

7. People who call food “noms”

8. People who talk about conversations they once had on Facebook

9. People who talk about the “blogosphere.”

10. People who make lists with only 9 items because they couldn’t think up a creative tenth one.

In short: SXSW is full of people who piss me off. But I kind of love it here.