Monthly Archive: January, 2012

My 7 most anticipated albums

So one of the editors at is putting together a list of the editors’ most anticipated albums in 2012. He asked me to contribute a few of my recommendations to the list.… Continue reading

Critical politicking and the plague of Mitt Romney

While the name Alex Ross may be foreign to most, in my field of study, he is a rock star. Before he was 30, The New Yorker brought him onboard as their music… Continue reading

The Grind

The artist lounge at the Westcott Theater in Syracuse is anything but impressive. The former projector space overlooking the one-room theater resembles a disused storage space. An old fridge sits awkwardly in the… Continue reading

Cannibalism, journalism and auto-erotic asphyxiation

[Note: I had this post written and ready to publish when WordPress decided to log me out and lose my work. Below is my best recreation of the original message. Enjoy.] Over drinks… Continue reading

Art vs. Entertainment

Last night at The Daily Show, I watched a well-informed television host discuss the ramifications of the middling of partisan politicians in our nation. But Jon Stewart and his show are regarded as… Continue reading

Age before beauty

It’s the first rule of roadside beet sales: Put the best looking beets out front. A friend of mine spent a few months after college interning for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.… Continue reading